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By This is Gloucestershire  |  Posted: November 23, 2009

Flood warnings are in place for Gloucestershire

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​Flood warnings remain in place this morning across Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.

The Environment Agency has released warnings for the River Severn around Tewkesbury, as well as at Gloucester itself.

Residents are on full alert as rain continues to fall, evoking memories of the 2007 floods which saw hundreds of families having to leave their homes.

Meanwhile, flood alerts also remain in force for the Severn in Worcestershire, with towns such as Upton-upon-Severn also likely to face the brunt of any flooding.

There is better news from the Met Office however, with heavy showers expected to become lighter as the morning progresses and dying away later in the day.

Winds are expected to remain up to gale force throughout the day though.

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Anyone who is concerned about flooding should contact the EA floodline on 0845 988 1188 and enter area number 0524123 to get more information.

Keep checking back to www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk for any updates on the flooding situation in Gloucestershire.

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    Planning!, Tewkesbury  |  November 24 2009, 8:13AM

    Real talk, Yes flooding is a fact of nature but building houses near or on flood plains don't real help issues!

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Phileas Fogg, USA  |  November 24 2009, 1:05AM

    The question was what are you doing to protect yourself. Good answers might include storing fresh water, stocking up on food and batteries, clearing out gutters and drains, moving documents and photos to an upper floor and reading your homeowners insurance policy.

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Real Talk, Gloucester  |  November 23 2009, 11:47PM

    face the fact*

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Real Talk, Gloucester  |  November 23 2009, 11:47PM

    Flooding is natural and human nature. We cant stop it. So why does everyone complain to the government and council, when we get flooded? Yes they can put flood barriers up etc. But we are still going to get flooded, it comes up through the drains and all sorts. So people need to stop moaning and face the face that there is nothing we can do to stop mother nature.

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Mary Lou Inman, Harrison, Ohio USA  |  November 23 2009, 9:58PM

    I have ridden in an Automobile in early dark and all I could see was wet pavement, (I thought it was, but the surface was under three feet of water). My husband drove into water up to the bottom of the windschield. We had to get out and walk, carrying three small children, with water up to our waist. I can tell anyone that it was un-nerving. I never want to go through it again.

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    sam, Gloucester  |  November 23 2009, 8:51PM

    So we are back with floods in various areas of Gloucestershire. So why is Gloucester City Council using funding for the event calendar, been secured through THE GLOUCESTERSHIRE FLOOD RECOVERY PROGRAMME? Surely this should be used for the floods, and not something like this? They are charging £40 for 3 course meal and band at Kings Square - where are people going to get this sort of money - We are in a credit crunch!!!!

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    mike nr chelt, nr chelt  |  November 23 2009, 5:31PM

    time for people to go back to having gardens. too many areas concreted over -- the rain has no where to soak away and so just runs causing major problems. too much public space concreted over - we need to wise up. as for building on flood plains .. how daft is that ??? regular clearing of drains would be a great start !

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    She who must not be named, Chelts  |  November 23 2009, 4:49PM

    Martin E, do you live near me by any chance? I also live in Chelts town centre and the bottom of our road has been filling up with water every time it rains for about the last month - drains are clogged up and they havn't been cleaned since I moved in 3 years ago!

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Martin E, Cheltenham  |  November 23 2009, 4:24PM

    You have to worry that the damage has already been done and that some areas are just going to have to accept the inevitable. Houses and roads that were built on flood plains can't just be 'unbuilt' and moved away. Why were they allowed to be built in the first place? 'Flood plain' - there's a clue in there you know. On a more micro level, drains need to be kept unblocked to allow water to flow away. The drains in our street used to be unblocked at least once every twelve months but that hasn't happened for years now. The drains are now so full of soil and other rubbish that they are choked up to very nearly pavement level and water simply does not flow away as it should. I've just been out (about 4.00 pm, several hours after it stopped raining) and there is about 5 or 6 inches of water still lying in the road round the corner). This a five minute walk from Cheltenham town centre, not exactly some quiet little backwater (excuse the pun) in the middle of nowhere. As I said, this is something of a micro problem but addressing it would allow a lot of people in vulnerable areas to sleep better at night. Hope that didn't sound too much like a rant.

  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Johncots, Gloucester  |  November 23 2009, 3:41PM

    If we build on flood plains we will get more flooding - simple as that. So we must stop all developments down here and build on the Cotswolds not popular but just plain common sense.