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Facebook explicit video teenager 'enjoying' notoriety

By This is Gloucestershire  |  Posted: April 06, 2012

The boy holds up a copy of The Citizen

THE teenage boy arrested for posting an explicit video of himself and a 14-year-old girl on Facebook has been 'enjoying' his new found notoriety.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, features in a picture shared on networking site Twitter holding a copy of The Citizen newspaper with his story in it.

His face - obscured in the picture to protect his identity - is seen smiling while holding up the headline: "School kids in sex video."

The boy, from Cheltenham, appeared in the video alongside the girl, from the Forest of Dean.

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He was arrested in connection with making and distributing an indecent video and has been given a final warning by police, meaning the incident will remain on his record for the next six years.

Facebook is no longer featuring the video.

The latest picture was sent to TiG by a parent who was annoyed by the move.

She said: "This incident has been the subject of much tweeting among my son's peers. When it first hit Twitter a couple of weeks ago I read reams of banter between the boy and girl involved, and their friends.

"I find it hard to fathom that he was apparently allowed access to Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site to brag about his new-found 'fame'.

"Most - predominately girls- have posted that they are disgusted by his actions.

"Inevitably, however, he has also attained some kind of cult status, which, as is evident from the picture posted on Twitter of him holding up a copy of yesterday's Citizen, he seems to be revelling in.

"Sadly, it would appear that arrest and a police warning have done nothing to teach this young man a lesson.

"I feel desperately sorry for the young girl involved who, according to her tweets, was not aware that he was filming her, or that he intended to put the footage on Facebook. This boy has humiliated her and her family on an absolutely immense scale."

A police spokesman said: "Posts like this only make the situation worse for all involved and increases the distress of the girl and her family.

"Officers will be speaking to the boy and his father again to make sure he realises the consequences of his actions and that his Facebook activity is monitored.

"As we have seen posting content like the video can have a far reaching impact and can seriously affect young lives.

"Our schools unit is available to hold talks to local pupils who have seen the video or heard about this case and have been upset by it."

Yesterday Lawrence Montagu, headteacher at St Peter's High School, in Gloucester, warned parents of his pupils about the film in a school newsletter.

He said: "I am led to believe that this video involves young people from schools in Gloucestershire but not, I emphasise, St Peter's.

"However, I know that the video has been viewed by students in St Peter's and I have spoken to the school about the lack of dignity and self-respect people have who allow themselves to be portrayed in such a way.

"It is very sad that our young people are exposed to such pornography, but it is one of the evils of modern technology.

"We simply have to continue educating the young to reap the benefits that modern technology offers but not to fall into the trap of misusing it."

* More on this in tomorrow's Citizen

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