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Elections 2014: Nick Clegg writes for the Gloucester Citizen

By citizenmike  |  Posted: May 13, 2014

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats

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With less than two weeks to go until the Gloucester City Council and European Parliament elections on May 22, the Gloucester Citizen’s public affairs reporter Mike Wilkinson asked David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg to explain why the people of Gloucester should back their party.


Earlier this week, I launched the Liberal Democrats’ local election campaign. These local elections are different for the Liberal Democrats; we are not the party of the protest anymore; we are a serious party of government – nationally and locally.

Here in Gloucester, the local liberal Democrats have been working hard. Your local Lib Dem councillors have secured an agreement with the minority Tory party to freeze council tax four years in a row and are pushing for further regeneration of the King’s Quarter project. They have ensured there is a proper discussion over the future of the old prison site and have blocked Tory attempts to increase charges for garden waste collection.

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And that’s not all, the local party is fighting for sound financial management of the city council by reducing waste and cutting additional auditing costs. Across England there are examples of Labour and Tory councils signing off cheques on gimmicks and vanity projects without a second thought while families are being careful and watching every penny. It’s no surprise too that in every council where there is a Lib Dem majority we are freezing council tax, while protecting essential services from cuts.

The Liberal Democrats, whether it be in council chambers, Westminster or Europe will stand up for the things that matter most to people in difficult times – their money, their jobs, their families. We stand for fairer taxes and an economic plan that doesn’t just rely on cuts but investment too – investment in roads, rail and businesses – the things local communities need to thrive.

The Liberal Democrats are standing in all fifteen wards in Gloucester with Cllr Jeremy Hilton, Cllr Phil McLellan, Cllr Chris Witts and Cllr Jim Beeley all standing for re-election, standing so they can fight for you.

If you want a party that will work hard for you, that is brave enough to stand up to UKIP and will deliver both a stronger economy and fairer society, vote for your local Liberal Democrat team on May 22.

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  • RoadWombat  |  May 13 2014, 1:54AM

    Jeremy. One of your Liberal councillors, Sebastian Field, complained to the Citizen some weeks ago about a couple of broken bollards at Kingsholm which he thought posed a danger. As a councillor he has a large number of council employees at his disposal. Incredibly, rather than simply send a couple of them round with a truck and a wheelbarrow to clear them up (which would have taken one phone call), all he did was complain about it in the paper and "report it", at which point he was given the brush off by one of his own employees. He was given the challenge of getting what he himself described as a "safety issue" sorted out within two weeks and he failed. If your councillors don't even have the control over their own employees to remove a couple of pieces of broken concrete, why on earth should anyone vote for them?

    |   11
  • North Glos EPC  |  May 12 2014, 12:46AM

    Wouldn't think anyone very interested in his views regarding the "Elections 2013" or even the Elections 2014 come to that (sack the proof reader). Let's hear from the bloke who out debated him twice.

    |   12
  • JeremyBadger  |  May 11 2014, 10:03PM

    If you want a party that will work hard for you, that is brave enough to stand up to the Tories and their wishy washy Lib Dem bed-fellows, and will deliver both a stronger economy and fairer society, vote for your local UKIP team on May 22.

    |   14
  • stopthebull  |  May 11 2014, 9:03PM

    Why does this say 2013? It's so last year...

    |   19
  • derekmd  |  May 11 2014, 10:03AM

    In response to your comment Lecorche i think the answer to that is a great big NO!!! As for the Liberal hanger ons , They have never been a serious contender and i doubt they ever will be, They've had a go with laboure and the cons maybe we'll be seeing LIBKIP next.

    |   24
  • Lecorche  |  May 11 2014, 9:14AM

    Does anyone believe what this lying ****** has to say any more?

    |   27