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Easter 2014: Best sleepover games for girls

By Nottingham Post  |  Posted: April 08, 2014

Twister is a girls' sleepover classic

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A girly sleepover is a rite of passage for pre-teens. But seeing as there’s only so far playground gossip can stretch, your daughter’s gaggle will be grateful to be introduced to one (or all) of these activities.

Fortune teller

You might remember making fortune tellers back when you were young - the origami type paper constructions predict the future using numbers, colours and a selection of fortunes of the girls' making. Need a refresher? Watch this YouTube video.


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Twister is a party fail-safe for a reason. It might be nothing more than some coloured spots and a spinning board but you can guarantee the girls will go wild for it.


Thin walls? Why not suggest a game of telephone to quieten your daughter and her guests down. Get the girls to queue up, and then the game begins when the first in line whispers a phrase to the next in line. The phrase gets passed down until it reaches the end and the receiver reveals aloud what she's heard. Cue giggles.

Truth or dare

Truth or dare is a playground classic and it's just as much fun for kids to play at home. To mix up the formula the girls can add in a 'double dare' and 'repeat' option. Double dare means she can pick a partner to complete the dare with, and repeat will force them to repeat a phrase ten time that's as ridiculous as their friends can dream up.

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