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Drivers in Barton are missing no entry signs because they are ‘too high’

By Maryam_Qaiser  |  Posted: February 03, 2014

Councillor Usman Bhaimia is complaining about ‘No Entry’ signs, on the corner of Barton Street and Blenheim Road,

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DRIVERS are campaigning to get no entry signs in Barton lowered to stop cars from turning into the road.

The ongoing problem sees more than 10 cars a day entering the one-way street, Blenheim Road.

Gloucester City Council Usman Bhaimia (L, Barton) said drivers are missing the signs on the corner of Barton Street and Blenheim Road.

He said: “At the start of Blenheim Road there are no entry signs but people are missing them because they are too high.

“It is frustrating for the drivers and residents too. It can be dangerous because cars are parked on both sides and cars can come from both directions.

“The visibility of these signs is very poor. There is a similar problem in Stratton Road too.”

Mr Bhaimia also wants the signs positioned so they are facing directly onto Barton Street.

He added: “The signs should be putting towards Barton Street, at the moment they are slightly inwards.”

Drivers, who want to enter Blenheim Road, need to drive into Vauxhall Road first.

Victoria Edwards, who runs the Barton Home and Office in Barton Street, sees up to 10 cars entering the one-way street.

She said: “Me and my sister have been running this shop for 20 years now and from my shop window I see cars turning into the road all the time.

“It is a big problem. I don’t think the height of the signs is a problem but they need turning at least 46 degrees outwards.

“They lowered them before and when lorries turn into the road, they twist them inwards. But it is a two-minute job for the council to come out and turn them back towards Barton Street again. Maybe if they painted ‘no entry’ on the pavement it would be better.”

Edress Onnia, who owns Blenheim Grocers, said: “The signs are too high for people to see. They need lowering.”

However, highway regulations state that signs must be at least 2.3 metres high for safety reasons.

Gloucestershire County Council highways manager Sally Godwin said: “National guidelines on traffic signs tell us to place them at least 2.3 metres high because to put them any lower could cause an injury to pedestrians or cyclists.

“We will however investigate this sign to make sure it has not been moved and is clearly visible from the road.”

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