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Dead foal found among trapped horses in flooded Sandhurst field

By citizenmike  |  Posted: January 03, 2014

Horses stranded in flood waters

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Conditions worsened today for horses at Sandhurst who were found trapped in flood waters and muddy ground.

Volunteers have rushed to their rescue a day earlier, bringing them feed and checking their health – but found one foal dead in the mud.

Fury at the owners of the horses, spilled over on Thursday when police were called out after the volunteers ended up in a fracas with them.

They agreed to move the horses to higher and safer ground as the outlook for the rest of the week continues to look bleak.

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One volunteer said: “I have been checking the horses since Christmas, making sure they are ok, but yesterday the owners were there and approached us. There was an argument and the police had to be called.

“The horses are in quite a bad situation. The whole place is under water, while some horses are standing on a strip of mud.

“It is the same problem every year but with the flooding at the moment we are really concerned.”

RSPCA officials were set to go out to visit the animals today to check on their condition although the volunteer admitted that their powers were ‘limited’.

Katya Mira, press officer for the RSPCA, said their inspectors have been carrying out regular checks on the horses.

A flood warning had been in place for the Maisemore and Sandhurst area since New Year’s Day.

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  • horsey  |  January 04 2014, 8:45PM

    heres a pic of a foal found nearby http://tinyurl.com/o95lqs3

  • horsey  |  January 04 2014, 8:41PM
  • bonzaharris1  |  January 04 2014, 1:01PM

    This happens time and time again, the horses owners have a duty of care to them. This weather does not come out of the blue, the owners should move their horses to safety before it becomes an issue and their horses have to be rescued by volunteers or the emergency services. Failing to do this should result in the owners being prosecuted the horses seized and re-homed or taken to a sanctuary for horses where they would be properly looked after, and the owners forced to pay the bill for their rescue, perhaps then they would take responsibility for them. The foal died of neglect, will the owners be prosecuted ?

  • zalapompadoo  |  January 03 2014, 6:30PM

    poor little foal they need to move these poor ponies NOW

  • GlosAnarchy  |  January 03 2014, 5:48PM

    Kay as you well know the previous governments saw fit for the RSPCA to prosecute instead of the police and as such they have no statutory duty to investigate or prosecute, they will quite often prosecute for publicity so they gen more donations!

    |   -23
  • Kay_Powell  |  January 03 2014, 5:19PM

    This should have been a police matter. They are happy enough to threaten to arrest and charge an innocent photographer (see today's story) but won't do anything about ill-treated animals.

    |   -19
  • GlosAnarchy  |  January 03 2014, 4:14PM

    The RSPCA won't do anything until the story will make good press for them!

    |   -17