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Dad convicted of sexually assaulting woman in Gloucester alleyway

By EchoLauraC  |  Posted: April 11, 2014

Gloucester Crown Court

A dad-of-five lured a woman down a Gloucester alleyway and sexually assaulted her before being found drunk in a photographic booth of a supermarket with her blood on him.

Jerome Morris was found guilty to attacking the woman he met on Valentine’s Day, last year in The Regal pub.

The 37-year-old engineer was working and staying in the city and offered to walk the gay woman, he had met that night home.

But instead he took her down the dark path, just off London Road and near the railway bridge and attacked her.

A jury clear Morris of raping the woman on Friday, but found him guilty of sexually assaulting her.

During the trial, prosecutor Kerry Barker, told Gloucester Crown Court: ““He grabbed her by the wrist, then grabbed her by the throat, slapped her and pulled her trousers down and sexually assaulted her,” he said.

“She kept trying to push him off. She wanted to get away from him and eventually she did and she made her way back to where she was living.

“She went to see her friend and told her she had been attacked. She did not want to call the police, but her friend insisted and dialled 999.

“She is a lesbian. She was not looking to have sex with a man that night, and not this man.”

On that evening security guards in Asda became aware of Morris, who seemed intoxicated and went into the photographic booth.

Staff asked him to leave and noticed he was acting suspiciously when police arrived for another matter and had blood on his hands, trousers and trainers.

On his arrest, Morris told police he had met the woman and they had a “kiss and a fondle” that night.

Morris of Strathaven, South Lanarkshire, Scotland told the jury he “absolutely” did not rape or sexually assault the woman.

After the allegations came to light, Morris said his partner had left him, telling the jury: “I make her feel sick so she despises me.”

After being found guilty Judge Jamie Tabor QC remanded him in custody awaiting sentence.

Following their verdict, the jury found out Morris had been sending some sexual messages with a woman called ‘Sarah’ that night, who has not been identified, which got progressively more explicit during that night.

Judge Tabor said: “He exhibited some very odd behaviour. He wanders round town, from what I can see, looking thoroughly guilty about what he had done, and not drunk, that night.”

He ordered a psychiatric nurse visit Morris in prison while a pre-sentence report was put together before he is sentenced on May 2.

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