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DEBATE: Plans to overhaul GCSEs to be scrapped

By EchoJoe  |  Posted: February 07, 2013

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Today Michael Gove will announce that he has scrapped plans to replace GCSEs with a new English Baccalaureate certificate (EBC).

The decision comes amid concerns within the coalition and from education groups.

Mr Gove unveiled the new qualifications with much fanfare in September last year. His plans would have seen the GCSE replaced by an English Baccalaureate certificate, with the first students beginning syllabuses in English, maths and sciences from 2015, going on to take exams in 2017.

History, geography and languages would have followed. However, concerns were quickly raised by teaching unions an exams watchdog Ofqual, who said the plans were too much too soon.

They also complained it would make pupils' focus too restricted – restricting the number of creative studies being undertaken by pupils.

Mr Gove's climb-down will be seen as a defeat by many as the plans formed a central part of his agenda.

What do you think about the U-turn? Should we be getting rid of GCSE'S?

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  • Bonkim2003  |  February 08 2013, 7:58AM

    Paul_64 - slip of the key.

  • Paul_64  |  February 07 2013, 1:09PM

    Bonkim2003 I presume the mistakes were ironic?

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  • Bonkim2003  |  February 07 2013, 10:54AM

    IsitJimKerr - agree somewhat - U.K schoold standards are bottom of the league with many developing countries - China, india overtaking basin language, and maths standards essential in a competitive market place. Mr Grove tried but the misguided pseudo-egalatarian/dumbing down at any cost lobby trimphed. Every society needs to encourage its best, regardless of the elitist tag. they are the future doers, and leaders. Pity the youngsters that would have benefited by a more challenging curriculum and recognition of their superiority. PC only dumbs down - ultimately leading to lowest common standard - Britain is going downhill and this will accelerate that process.

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  • IsitJimKerr  |  February 07 2013, 10:27AM

    I disagree that it's a mess. We complain when politicians don't listen, and complain when they do. Even the unions said they were pleased, and that's got to be a first! What REALLY annoys me though, is that it was the lead story on R5 Live, with one presenter's glee almost audible. When the real story is about mid-Staffs, and how there are at least five trusts with even worse record of deaths. The BBC is so left wing and anti-Tory. I really don't know why they bother denying it.

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  • raidermanuk  |  February 07 2013, 10:02AM

    What a mess but this is what happens when you promote a conviction politician who is an intellectual lightweight. Conceived in the back of a fag packet the Baccalaureate system was just not thought through. Common sense was subsequently forced upon this Minister but I wonder how many other (smaller) changes have been rushed through without due consideration.