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Crash outside Tewkesbury Abbey leaves woman pedestrian with head injuries

By Michael_Yong  |  Posted: December 20, 2012

Gloucestershire Constabulary

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POLICE were called to outside Tewkesbury Abbey after a woman was injured from a crash onThursday afternoon.
A silver Ford Fiesta collided with a female pedestrian around 4.15pm today, which left her with serious head injuries.
She was brought to Frenchay Hospital by the Great Western Ambulance Service. Police said they believed the injuries are now life-threatening, and she remains in hospital.
Church Street, from the junction of the A38 to the Abbey, was closed for more than two hours as police carried out investigations.
It reopened at 6.30pm.

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  • danm77  |  January 16 2013, 10:07AM

    I know the lady in question she is somebody I knew when I was younger and she has sadly passed away last week in hospital. I imagine there isnt one of us who hasnt some time in our lives nipped across the road without using the crossings provided, so before we all judge her too harshly remember that. She has paid for her error with her life. I of course feel sorry for the driver too who will have to live with this for the rest of his life, despite the fact it appears he did all the right things by stopping, I hope he recovers from this ordeal also.

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  • Faith1962  |  January 14 2013, 5:57PM

    The lady involved in the road traffic accident in church street I can confirm did not use the crossing, she crossed the road close to the drs surgery, she had in actual fact just purchased an Item of clothing from a shop a few doors away from the drs entrance. I believe her husband had either just pulled in/or was already waiting for her on the opposite side of the road within the crescent bus shelter area, as the injured victim stepped out and crossed the road. I also attended to the victims needs at the time of accident and can confirm that I was absolutely shocked at other road users behavour driving around an injured person lying on a wet,cold road in order that they could continue with their journey's. What has this world that we live in come to. To all these drivers you should be totally ashamed of yourselves.. As for the road/weather conditions at the time it was dark/wet and raining, visability was poor, traffic was steady, road users were keeping with the flow prior to this unfortunate accident. I feel sorry for the lady injured who I attended too, but equally sorry for the young man the driver, who was extremely upset and very shaken up as a result of what happened.

  • RachyRoo89  |  January 12 2013, 11:19PM

    I found out who this lady was, and I had known her when I was younger. Very sad. Some drivers are absolutely selfish and unabiding to the law. I always stop at a crossing and wait for a car to stop before I cross (unless the road is completely clear) because many a time, the car will hurtle across it at 40MPH without a care in the world. Once, on London Road, I had barely got back onto the pavement and a car came whizzing behind me, missing me by inches.

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  • dontyaknow  |  December 22 2012, 7:19PM

    Agree with all that RonnieTewkes. The reason for the extra spaces is that when the High Street was revamped they lost 4 (possibly 6) spaces on the High Street and so the County Council wanted to replace them elsewhere in the town. That is why we now have the extra spaces there and the extra ones on Sun Street behind Tesco. I think both sets are a pain as they are fairly busy roads. There is also some clown who thinks that because he has a blue badge he is able to park on double yellows on the Station Street/Oldbury Road Junction. Literally on the Junction. The Junction that is sandwiched between 3 Car parks?! This sort of behaviour gives blue badge holders a bad name (although they shouldn't be able to park on double yellows at all in my opinion). Also my understanding of the new high Street layout is that pedestrians are able to cross half way and wait in the beige tarmac, rather than just using the islands. I have done in the past, but people do tear up the High Street and being stuck on that beige tarmac is no fun, so if I can't safely cross the whole road, then I will use the crossing.

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  • criminal2  |  December 22 2012, 1:26AM

    so was this lady on a crossing or was she taking life in her own hands? as so many do !!!!!

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  • RonnieTewkes  |  December 21 2012, 6:48PM

    Yes, she could have been using the crossing, but a lot of pedestrians don't use the crossings either in Church Street, Barton Street or the High Street, so it is an easy assumption to make. From what I heard (and it is only hearsay, so can't be taken as read), it happened at the Crescent, near the doctor's surgery. The crossing is a bit further down from the Crescent, and the Crescent is a common place for pedestrians to try and cross. As for drivers having to concentrate when going down the High Street - yes they do, because of the increased number of people who now think it's okay to stand in the middle of the road (not on the islands provided) in order to cross. Other things that get my goat in Tewkesbury: - The zebra crossing by the market - should be controlled by lights, and was for a short while, then they decided to put it back to a zebra crossing presumably because pedestrians still thought they had the right to use it as a zebra crossing and would walk out on a red light (it's not only drivers who ignore the rules of the road). - Drivers who cut across the High Street in order to park on the opposite side of the road... then on leaving, pull out in front of traffic going in the opposite direction in order to wait for a gap in the traffic going their way. - Drivers who park on the double yellows to load/unload, causing blockages on the High Street. - Drivers who use the mini roundabout by the Black Bear to do a U-turn, when they then have to stop on the roundabout and reverse in order to get round. - Drivers who turn left at the mini roundabout but don't indicate that they are doing so, thereby causing queues because the driver who was waiting to give way to them didn't actually need to give way. - And whose idea was it to put parking spaces on Station Street by the car park? There are 2 car parks there already, what positive difference is half a dozen parking spaces outside the car park going to make? Or was the idea to stop people parking on the double yellows by the market on market day? It is mostly drivers who get my goat in Tewkesbury, but there are some real Lemming pedestrians about who also like to make things difficult. Putting my rantings to one side, I hope the lady who was run over makes a quick and full recovery (I note that TIG states that her injuries are "now life threatening", but I think that might have meant to say "not life threatening" - I certainly hope it is the latter).

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  • DennisH  |  December 21 2012, 6:45PM

    I was just 20 metres away when this awful accident happened. I immediately called the emergency services. All the time I was speaking to the operator the traffic, which included a public bus, was forcing its way around the unfortunate victim, even causing the public who were trying to render assistance to move out of their way. This continued for six or seven minutes until the first police vehicle arrived and closed the road. How sad that no one had the time or the wit to stop.

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  • dontyaknow  |  December 21 2012, 1:26PM

    It doesn't say that she wasn't using a crossing. I don't know exactly where it happened, but there is a crossing in Church Street outside the Abbey that she could have been on and the car didn't stop?. Unfortunately there are plenty of drivers who just race through the town 'I'm in a car get out of my way'. The great thing about the new High Street changes is that it means that drivers actaully have to concentrate.

  • criminal2  |  December 20 2012, 9:40PM

    When wil people in Tewkesbury learn to use the crossings provided ??????

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