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Cheltenham siblings help in relief effort of Typhoon Haiyan

By EchoLisa  |  Posted: November 11, 2013

  • Seb Hall and Stephanie Lewis

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Three Cheltenham siblings caught up in the middle of Typhoon Haiyan have been helping to distribute food and water to desperate Filipino people.

The storm hit the east coast of the Philippines on Friday and smashed through its central islands, with winds of 147mph and a storm surge of 20ft.

Around 10,000 people are said to have been killed in Tacloban city, with the death toll still being counted elsewhere.

A further 300 are confirmed dead with 2,000 missing on the neighbouring island of Samar.

Siblings Seb, Chelsey and Jake Hall of Lansdown have survived the storm relatively unscathed but have seen the devastation around them.

Former Cheltenham College and Dean Close pupils, Jake, 24, Seb, 29, and his girlfriend Stephanie Lewis, 26, are in the archipelago’s second largest city, Cebu, and have managed to hunker down in Jake’s apartment.

It is not thought to have been as badly affected as Tacloban. But Chelsey, 27, is on the island of Boracay and has only been able to send a few short messages home to say she was safe.

The siblings' dad, retired Cheltenham businessman John, said: “Chelsey said it was scary enough, but we’ve only heard from her in short conversations.

“She’s there working for the Red Cross anyway.

“The army and emergency services haven’t made it to Boracay yet.

“All we know was that she’d got to higher ground and a Filipino family, which had a well constructed concrete building, took her and some friends in and looked after them.

“The north part of Cebu, where the kids are, is pretty bad and they are helping with the relief effort. Jake has some friends who have lost the roofs of their houses.

“I’ve been thinking about how we might get help to people. They’ve got absolutely nothing.

“Our three children have come through like a miracle.

Typhoon Haiyan has now made landfall in Vietnam, near tourist destination Ha Long Bay, but at a lesser strength, with sustained winds of up to 85mph.

The Red Cross, Unicef and CAFOD have all launched Typoon Haiyan Appeals. For details, see their websites.

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  • agent006  |  November 12 2013, 8:06AM

    Probably twenty thousand dead and all I can think to do is criticise the spelling. LOOK AT ME I'M SO SUPERIOR.

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  • Justica  |  November 11 2013, 7:37PM

    A subling is younger brother or sister. They are usually gars and can be seen in a Charlton Kings pub. I have already applied for the post of proof-reader today, had no response as yet.

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  • agaga  |  November 11 2013, 5:47PM


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