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Care home manager Amy Morris, 29, found not guilty on four counts of fraud

By EchoLauraC  |  Posted: January 28, 2013

Gloucester Crown Court

A jury failed to return verdicts in the majority of charges against a former care home manager accused of fraud. 

After a day of deliberations the jury found Amy Morris, 29, not guilty of four counts of fraud, but could not reach a majority verdict on another 14 counts.

Mrs Morris, of Midsummer Walk, Hempsted, was alleged to have obtained £5,755.18 from the Chargrove Lane care home in Shurdington for 44 nightshifts she did not work between July 2010 and October 2011.

The Crown Prosecution Service will now have seven days to decide whether they will have a re-trial over the 14 counts no verdict was reached over.

Judge William Hart asked the foreman of the jury at 2pm yesterday: "Do you consider, if you were given more time, you could come to a verdict?"

The foreman responded, he did not think as a jury they could.

Judge Hart said: "Having been out for a full court day I don't think there is any point in getting the jury to deliberate any further."

Mrs Morris told Gloucester Crown Court missing rota sheets would prove her innocence if they could be found and said she had worked all the night shifts she was paid for.

She also suggested she had "possibly been set up" by others within the company.

Mrs Morris was responsible for running the 26 bed care home and did so many night shifts as it was hard to recruit staff.

Prosecutor Lisa Hennessy said discrepancies were found by the care home after Mrs Morris claimed she was underpaid when she left the company in October 2011.

She claimed the manager fiddled time sheets and a diary used by staff to sign in and out of shifts, bore no resemblance to Mrs Morris' records.

She said fellow carers were not aware of the fraud as Mrs Morris made changes to their daytime wages so their pay checks were approximately what they should have been.
The jury went out on Friday afternoon and were discharged at 2pm on Monday afternoon.

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