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Car towed for blocking Remembrance Sunday parade route in Cheltenham

By EchoLauraC  |  Posted: November 10, 2013

The car being towed away just before the Remembrance Day service parade in Cheltenham

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THIS car had to be towed away after it blocked the parade route for Remembrance Sunday in Cheltenham.

The black Seat was parked outside the Municipal Offices and in the heart of the route, as crowds gathered to pay their respect to fallen heroes.

But the car was towed away at around 10.30am as the crowds began to gather for the march, service and two minutes silence.

Signs were up warning motorists the road would be closed.

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  • Jewbacca  |  November 12 2013, 9:34AM

    Ollie is turning into that On Toast bloke these days with the astroturfing. At least he can use the internet these days. Remember this? http://tinyurl.com/owkpg69 ... well Ollie now has a listing on the business directory on TiG that nobody uses: http://tinyurl.com/ofqgjo8)/business-8849029-detail/business.html ... a quick cross-check of the users posting five star reviews and his Facebook friends shows a bit of a correlation. The following reviews are all done by Facebook friends: sarahjaynepoo Sarah-Jayne Bourne XsophieX21098 Sophie Storror DCole Dave Cole There are others, too. He even put on his own 5 star review! Ollie - you could be the best locksmith in the world, but a bit of advice - this sort of spam makes me distrust a company.

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  • honslknjklyt  |  November 10 2013, 11:36PM

    Ollie Ollie Ollie, oi oi oi No-one minds you saying your piece but can you not see that spamming can be seen as counterproductive? It discredits your comment and your business.

    |   11
  • Willow_Wisp  |  November 10 2013, 11:10PM

    Why are these pages being spammed like this?? Ridiculous! Anyway - just a comment to say that I hope the person taken ill during the Cheltenham Remembrance Parade is recovered.

    |   4
  • I do love TIG never fails to disappoint on the old "ANONYMOUS" opinionated keyboard warriors.

    |   -17
  • GlosAnarchy  |  November 10 2013, 10:02PM

    Haha - Wireless CCTV You have to be joking right! Wireless CCTV is all to easy to jam and would be avoided by any professional! Any luck with you locksmith problems (call centres pretending to be local companies)? You need to complain to the ASA as they can take action if the advert (including directory listings) is untruthful (like saying they are local if they are not) here's one that got a kick in the backside the other week...... http://tinyurl.com/px25fc9

  • mikehibby  |  November 10 2013, 8:58PM

    Ollie I hope you locksmithing is better than your web design - crikey what a mess! I really hope you did that yourself, I'd hate to think you paid money for it.

    |   2
  • bonzaharris1  |  November 10 2013, 8:46PM

    There is always one ignorant idiot who thinks they can do what they want, still when he has to pay to retrieve his car he might have learnt his lesson. Its not like there were no signs up to inform them, some people just have no respect.

    |   12
  • honslknjklyt  |  November 10 2013, 8:22PM

    I know this wasn't private land, I am saying that clamping and towing should be brought back on private land so that when people are inconvenienced like this, the landowners should be able to get that vehicle removed AND charge the driver for the costs.

    |   1
  • honslknjklyt  |  November 10 2013, 7:06PM

    Ollie's spammers!!!! Yawn. I would not use your company if I got locked out, you might start spaming the fish tank. Anyway on by comment, I hope the driver was charged. We need clamping and towing back on private land.

    |   3
  • Apothegm_  |  November 10 2013, 6:51PM

    So that is how you do blatant self-promotion (a.k.a. spam)?

    |   5