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Car flips in Cheltenham causing traffic jams

By EchoLauraC  |  Posted: November 06, 2012

A Renault Clio flipped onto its roof this morning in Cheltenham.
No one was injured.

A Renault Clio flipped onto its roof this morning in Cheltenham. No one was injured. IMGP3567

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No one was injured after a car flipped and landed on its roof in Fiddlers Green Lane in Cheltenham this morning.

Tailbacks were caused after the Renault Clio clipped a parked black Ford Mondeo at 7.40am and rolled on to its roof.

Miraculously police said the 24-year-old woman, believed to be from Cheltenham, driving the black Clio was uninjured in the crash.

The road was cleared just after 9am, but caused commuters to face traffic jams.

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  • Alfredo_  |  November 06 2012, 11:31PM

    @ignoramous - "a women driver". You cretin. If you're going to criticise others in such a moronic way at least have the decency to make sure your own grammar, punctuation and spelling are all spot-on.

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  • MsBecky  |  November 06 2012, 11:18PM

    The problem with this road (and again I am not saying this driver was doing this) but people go well over 30, while there are a lot of parked cars - for all we know she may have had an on coming car speeding towards her and not giving way as she was already passing a load of parked cars causing her to clip the parked car. if you ever travel this way it is easy to see why they are talking about putting double yellow lines along there and feel sorry for the residents who may not be able to park near their homes. The parked cars wouldn't be so much of an issue if people treated it like the 30mph road it is (and the local office workers who park there but we won't go into that as I know there has been more than enough about that on TIG already).

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  • Hubert1841  |  November 06 2012, 11:07PM

    Tsk. If she had been at home, making sandwiches, this could have been avoided. They'll want the vote next. Where's my medication, Nurse?

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  • stefanu  |  November 06 2012, 9:47PM

    Women are generally good drivers, and I'm not saying this driver was on the phone. However, I saw a woman driver today (in a large 4 x 4) with a mobile phone tucked between her shoulder and her ear. She swerved into my path on a busy road, and I also had to swerve to avoid her! When will these idiots realise that using a mobile phone whilst driving is an offence, because people can be killed and injured in the process.

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  • timmy0811  |  November 06 2012, 7:03PM

    Eyeopener - I have noticed more woman drivers speeding than men in the last few years. Evening using mobile phones while on the kids school run. Its not easy to roll a car a 30 mph and lucky she is okay. An accident like this Its going to cost her 3+ points for driving without due care and attention, an increase on next years insurance and I hope the police check her mobile to see it was not in use.

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  • eyeopener  |  November 06 2012, 6:28PM

    @ignoramous As a male driver it is easy to see why you chose your user name. Women tend to be more careful drivers than men. As the saying goes... 'one swallow does not make a summer'.

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  • ignoramous  |  November 06 2012, 6:07PM

    a women driver, say no more except that she was very lucky to walk away from this

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