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Campaign launched to get BT to bring fibre optic broadband to parts of Gloucester

By The Citizen  |  Posted: April 07, 2014

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SLOW broadband speeds in one area of Gloucester are preventing people from making a living, claim campaigners and business owners.

Residents in the Cooper’s Edge estate, near Brockworth, say download speeds in their area rarely go above 1.5MB.

This makes working from home, accessing the internet and downloading files very difficult – and home-based businesses in the estate say they are struggling to expand.

A new group named Cooper’s Edge Fibre Upgrade Campaign has been formed to lobby broadband providers BT for a better connection.

James Scott, co-founder of the campaign, said: “The broadband connection in Cooper’s Edge is diabolical and for years we have been promised that a fibre optic connection will be installed, but it keeps getting pushed back.

“Some people in Cooper’s Edge work as web developers at home and the slow broadband speeds are stopping them from making a living.”

The campaign group, which has more than 400 followers on Facebook and Twitter, said BT had promised to improve the connection in May, only for it to be put on hold.

Ceri Jones, a resident who runs business Edgy Art from home, said: “I’ve been trying to build a website but it’s been a struggle. I can’t upload details of my products and it’s taken me four months just to add the pictures.”

Paul Kerton, who works from home said: “The slow connection means that I’m not as productive as I should be.”

A spokesman for BT said: “The broadband connection in this area is due to be upgraded to fibre optic broadband as part of BT’s £2.5billion investment programme to bring faster fibre broadband to two-thirds of the UK.

“The precise date that the upgrade will go live is not currently available, but readers interested in upgrading should continue to check with their chosen service provider for updates.”

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  • tishwash  |  April 09 2014, 10:08PM

    @jimlad86 it did originally say upload in the article, nice editing by the citizen to cover up a mistake ;)

  • Richardburton  |  April 07 2014, 9:25PM

    ours is rubbish as well i live near Tuffley i haven't been able to download a film or even use the internet without something going wrong everyday a few times a day. What we need is more competition .. How come BT gets the contract for everything with a pole!

  • Jimlad86  |  April 07 2014, 3:24PM

    @GlosAnarchy Funnily enough we did make that exact point to the developers and thus far they have ignored us. Mentioned all this to the reporter but they didnt put it in the article. They also didnt write about how BT are miss selling the fact that fibre will be installed soon in order to keep customers.

  • GlosAnarchy  |  April 07 2014, 12:04PM

    A lot of the problems are caused by the developers, they could install the ducting for cable as well as telephone, you would then find that Virgin would be in a position to install to this area but the cost of digging up all the roads and pavements and the reinstatement is too high! So don't complain about BT without also laying some of the blame at the developers. BT will have to install fiber and power to the new cabinets they will be installing in your area, they will also often then have to get permission to install these cabinets from the developers if the roads have not yet been adopted. You might also find this an interesting read - https://http://tinyurl.com/pkdn2pg

    |   -23
  • chrisconder  |  April 07 2014, 11:51AM

    Same throughout the country. Most people are on exchange only lines or long distances from cabinets and even though they will be classed as having access to 'superfast' its really a superfarce. It will be another few years until government realise they can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear. We can't be a digital nation on an old copper phone network.

  • fahymull  |  April 07 2014, 12:23AM

    about time

  • Jimlad86  |  April 06 2014, 10:02PM

    It's download speeds that are 1.5 not upload!!

  • tishwash  |  April 06 2014, 8:53PM

    Upload speeds are preventing them ? What's their download speed?