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Burglar collared by bouncer after breaking into Gloucester home

By The Citizen  |  Posted: November 16, 2012

brave: Amgad Ahmed who pinned a burglar to the ground until police arrived.

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HEROIC father Amgad Ahmed has spoken of the moment he tackled a burglar to the ground and sat on him while his family slept upstairs.

He has been praised by a judge and given a cash reward for his bravery in "frightening circumstances" after he overpowered intruder Brian Wing when he crept into his Overbury Road home through an unlocked patio door.

Amgad, who is a six foot, 12 stone bouncer, was sleeping on his sofa when he was woken by torchlight.

He leapt up and grappled the larger man to the ground, fending off blows to his head.

Snatching away the torch, he then used it to hit Wing and then held him until police arrived.

He said: "He was very strong but I managed to pin his arms and call for my partner to ring the police."

He said the incident was "terrifying" for his family and is angry his assailant has escaped jail.

Wing, who had been drinking before the attack, has been given a 12 month prison sentence. It was suspended for two years, meaning he will not go to jail unless he commits another crime.

Amgad said: "It's not good enough for attacking someone in their house."

Following the struggle on March 9, unemployed Wing, of Chester Road, Gloucester, needed 17 staples to cuts in his head.

Amgad, whose day job is as an aircraft engineer for RGV Aviation at Gloucestershire Airport, said he had "no regrets" about injuring Wing and said he dreads to think what could have happened if he had instead broken into a pensioner's home.

He was also left with injuries – to his face – and his partner was so badly shaken they have had to move into a new home with their three-year-old son.

He said: "I would never wish it on my worst enemy because it was really scary."

On Friday a judge at Gloucester Crown Court commended Mr Ahmed for his bravery and rewarded him with £300 from the High Sheriff's fund.

Sentencing Wing, Judge William Hart told him he had "bitten off more than he could chew".

Wing, who had admitted burglary, was given a suspended sentence, a 12-months supervision order, and a six-month alcohol treatment requirement.

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  • MrGarnet  |  November 18 2012, 3:21PM

    Can the new PCC do anything about sentencing? If not why not? And can we elect judges please as we the ordinary tax paying "citizens" have to continually get stuffed by the low life!

    |   8
  • Coingrass  |  November 17 2012, 7:07PM

    Another soft-touch judge whose lenient sentencing has put a violent burglar back on the streets and put at risk the very public he's supposed to be protecting.

    |   9
  • HotFuzz  |  November 16 2012, 8:33PM

    Well done 'Jimmy'! Your bravery is highly commendable. It is such a shame that the judicial system have let you down in this way. Unfortunately, it is all too common that the courts disposal decision favours the defendants and not the true victims of crime. I hope you and your family are able to recover from this ordeal.

    |   12
  • Boyfrommars  |  November 16 2012, 7:18PM

    Good skills Jimmy, shocking outcome tho. See you and hasan up town nxt wk!!

    |   10
  • bonzaharris1  |  November 16 2012, 7:16PM

    Well done Amgad, you are a very brave man, but you must be wondering why you bothered when this lowlife piece of scum doesn't end up where he belongs ... in jail !! Instead he gets a suspended sentence, supervision order and a 6 month alcohol treatment programme. Wing will no doubt celebrating his good luck with a drink, and toasting the judge. As I have said before, what DO you have to do to get a prison sentence ??

    |   10
  • tiz67  |  November 16 2012, 6:57PM

    judge should have locked this C U Next Tuesday up

    |   7
  • honslknjklyt  |  November 16 2012, 9:31AM

    Well done Mr. Ahmed. Very very well done. What does it take to get in this soft country to punish the criminals here? The victims are handed the sentences, that last a very very long time, often scarred for life mentally if not physically while the scum just float undisturbed. I was burgled 20 years ago and never ever forget that awful moment when I returned home to find my front door kicked in. They were never caught and I still can't go on holiday now, for fear of being burgled. Even though people could look after my home, I need to know for myself it is ok.

    |   16
  • jayne80  |  November 16 2012, 9:07AM

    No wonder people are scared in their own homes when scum like this walks free from court!!!! I for one am scared to go out and leave my home due gto being burgled on christmas eve 2 years ago!!

    |   17
  • QwertyOS  |  November 16 2012, 8:57AM

    Let us not forget he also attacked the home owner, who luckily was able to handle himself in this situation. Well done Amgad, I hope you gave him an extra ``dig`` for luck.

    |   22
  • Lord_Gaga_  |  November 16 2012, 8:44AM

    this judge wants to be put out to grass, how can you break into a house, and not go to jail?

    |   23