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Burger King reveals plans to move into Gloucester city centre unit

By The Citizen  |  Posted: June 17, 2014

Burger King

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TAKEAWAY chain Burger King has revealed plans to open a store in the city centre.

The fast-food restaurant, which already has an outlet in the Peel Centre, has submitted a planning application to Gloucester City Council to move into the unit once occupied by Carphone Warehouse and Barratts Shoes.

Letting agents have been trying the market the premises for over three years and it is currently being temporarily leased by fashion shop FYI.

The unit fronts onto Eastgate Street and is managed by The Eastgate shopping centre.

Centre manager Jason Robinson has welcomed the news.

“Since the relocation of Carphone Warehouse on Eastgate Street, we have been actively marketing the unit,” he said.

“It is fantastic news that we now have interest in a long term lease on the premises.

“This is yet another example of retailers showing confidence in both the Eastgate shopping centre and the city in general.”

Applicant The Other Retail Group is asking for a change of use of unit 20 from shops to a mixture of restaurant and hot food takeaway.

Tom Mees, associate partner of Eastgate shopping centre’s letting agent Kitchen La Frenais Morgan, has been marketing the property since Carphone Warehouse vacated the premised in May 2011.

Since then, the firm has agreed terms elsewhere within the shopping centre with retailers including Blue Inc, JD Sports, Tesco, Boswells and Internacionale.

However, number 20 has seen little interest.

“The proposal from Burger King is the first permanent offer we have had in over three years of marketing,” said Mr Mees.

“The property has been vacant for considerable periods of time.

“The only occupation that the property has seen has been temporary leases including Barratts shoes and Home Living.

“The property has never attracted an offer for a long-term lease or indeed anything longer than a one month term. We have tried but been unable to identify a long term occupier for the property in the prevailing economic climate in a city where the supply of vacant units is relatively high.”

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  • InsideJob  |  June 18 2014, 8:56PM

    Nibnobs - just ask at the counter, failing that ask Burger King direct. I personally don't want to eat food that has an Islamic blessing as it is not a personal belief of mine. As I mentioned earlier, I'm lucky I have the choice. Unfortunately that's how it is in the UK now and for the mainstream the choice is no longer yours.

  • honslknjklyt  |  June 18 2014, 5:46PM

    Yes, I use Subway too, the one on St Oswalds retail park. It is nice and beautifuly fresh. People moan about Subway as well being unhealthy, I really don't know what they are talking about. Apparantly they use frozen vegetables!!!!!! I don't know how lettuce and tomato can be frozen and still look as fresh!

  • Villager1950  |  June 18 2014, 4:49PM

    Oh dear, the usual misconceptions. The Arabic word halal means permissible, and the rules of slaughter are based on Islamic law. The animal has to be alive and healthy, a Muslim has to perform the slaughter in the appropriate ritual manner, and the animal's throat must be cut by a sharp knife severing the carotid artery, jugular vein and windpipe in a single swipe. Blood must be drained out of the carcass. About 40m cattle, sheep, pigs and calves and 900m poultry birds are killed in British abattoirs each year, according to a Food Standards Agency (FSA) report two years ago, and one estimate has suggested that 114m of these animals, including poultry, are killed using the halal method. The value of the market could be £2bn a year or more. But contrary to what many assume, most animals killed by halal methods are stunned before slaughter. FSA estimates suggest that 88% of animals in the UK killed by halal methods were stunned beforehand in a way that many Muslims find religiously acceptable. In many sheep and lambs this is by electronic stunning to the head or in poultry via a water bath electrified with enough power to make them unconscious but not to kill. Another method of stunning that involves cardiac arrest is not allowed under halal rules. In non-halal slaughterhouses, stunned animals are shackled and hoisted above the ground where a slaughterman "sticks" them, cutting their throat or inserting a chest stick close to the heart. Cattle and some sheep and pigs are stunned by a bolt through the brain before being killed. Many poultry are now killed using gas. But they have traditionally been shackled, hung upside down on a production line, moved through electrified water to stun them, then conveyed to a mechanical neck cutter. In halal, however, they are killed by hand.

  • NibNobs  |  June 18 2014, 4:18PM

    This story has now turned into a religious discussion on halal meat by mikehibby. Why bring the subject up? How do you know meat served at Burger King is also halal?

  • InsideJob  |  June 18 2014, 3:42PM

    Here, here, conversation is good and now you've got me started on Halal slaughter. For all of you that are unaware "Halal essentially is meat that Muslims are allowed to eat that has been killed in accordance with Islamic law" It's a barbaric process that involves the animal being slaughtered without first being stunned and is against all EU guidance. (I won't go into the gory details here as it may cause upset) – just google, if you dare……… However, some Halal slaughtered meats are classed as purely because an Islamic prayer has been said at the time of slaughter. Basically without choice you are eating Halal slaughtered meat. Virtually all chickens in the UK are Halal slaughtered, it's not Subway (they just had some bad press over it). As a hobby farmer I have choice and choose to take my animals to an abattoir that slaughters everything in line with EU regulations. Therefore I know the animal was slaughtered humanely (and not writhing in pain) and also the returned product has not been associated with a religion which has nothing to do with my beliefs. I'm lucky I have the choice. This is where clearer food packaging is required highlighting the exact origin of the product including the slaughter process – then people could make their own choice.

  • mikehibby  |  June 18 2014, 2:40PM

    It's called conversation Mogul, sometimes it veers off topic and into areas that are of interest to other people, it's not just about you. I was responding to the previous comment about Subway (the one you chose not to complain about), so it appears to be on thread to me. Plus, it's nothing to do with "my interpretation", it's a scientific fact that halal slaughtered meat is cruel to the animals, but don't let that put you off "living a Burger" (whatever that might mean).

    |   -17
  • InsideJob  |  June 18 2014, 1:59PM

    Oh dear, come on Gloucester. Its more classy cafes, bars & restaurants selling healthy fresh food we need not this rubbish. Let's just add to the already increasing health service problems by installing as many fast food outlets as possible…………………… Still on the plus side it will keep Primark in business selling more stretchy leggings

  • the_mogul  |  June 18 2014, 1:43PM

    @mikehibby This story is about a Burger King opening, not your interpretation of the religous ideology of the minorities. To put my story related opinion, good I live a Burger. Someone open a noodle shop. Wok to Walk please. Regards Mogul

  • mikehibby  |  June 18 2014, 1:26PM

    And Subway has the added advantage that it's Halal, so you know that your food has been unethically provisioned, in accordance with the outdated interpretation of a book written hundreds of years ago.

    |   -19
  • thomas1996  |  June 18 2014, 11:49AM

    I think 'Subway' has been a refreshing change in the high street junk food chain market. To reply to honslknjklyt, Subway's menu is as easy to understand as Burger King, as cheap (if not cheaper) and better still you can see your food being prepared, and best of all if you want a Diet Coke with your subway sub you can have a proper bottle from the fridge, not that cheap cola syrup mixed with carbonated tap water and then charged out for 500% profit to the customer!