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British girls are the fattest in Europe, says study

By The Citizen  |  Posted: May 29, 2014

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BRITISH girls are the fattest in Europe, says a study.

Girls under 20 top a league table of 22 nations in Western Europe, with 29.2 per cent being overweight and obese.

Of those, eight per cent of the girls meet the clinical definition of obese.

Older British women are also battling the pounds with 57 per cent classified as fat – the third highest after Iceland and Malta.

Estimates from a global study for 2013 found 66.6 per cent of men in the UK are fat.

This places them fifth in the European league table.

An estimated 26 per cent of British boys under 20 are overweight and obese – placing them 10th.

The report from the US-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, published in The Lancet, says there has been an increase in obese children in developed countries.

But the rise in adult obesity has slowed down.

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  • RoadWombat  |  May 30 2014, 7:59PM

    How about their schools send them on a few cross country runs (shock! Horror!). Last three back get to do a couple more laps after everyone else has got changed and gone home. Worked perfectly well until the bleeding-hearts brigade stepped in.

  • IsitJimKerr  |  May 30 2014, 9:58AM

    hons....sorry, you are wrong. You can get many ingredients for similar prices to processed. And yes, it might take a few minutes, rather than ripping off the packaging a chucking it in the microwave. But if that's all the attention you want to pay to your food, then as said, you will reap the consequences. And it IS laziness. We are continually told we have more leisure-time than our ancestors, yet they never got fat! Ever ask yourself why?

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  • honslknjklyt  |  May 29 2014, 6:03PM

    It is cheaper to eat junk food than to cook everything from scratch with fresh veg and such. Processed foods are also much quicker. It is not all down to laziness or proportions. A lot of people with less money are a lot fatter than a lot of people with more money.

  • MentalBeaver  |  May 29 2014, 4:51PM

    Looks like my former neighbour in the picture. She used to squeeze into jeans that were too small and they just pushed the podge upwards and it did not look pleasant.

    |   1
  • IsitJimKerr  |  May 29 2014, 3:18PM

    You can't blame other people for your own actions, whether it be smoking, drinking, or creating a lard @r*£, or muffin top of your own! And I'm fed up with saying it's down to education. Jeeeeeezzzz......it's like someone saying they didn't know smoking was bad for you! You don't wake up one day ten stone overweight, do you? No, you gradually realise that your belt is getting a little tighter, then the clothes don't fit, you're buying one size bigger, then another....... What you DON'T do is become a 'victim'. There's enough recipes for proper food on t'interweb. If peeps stopped texting their friends every couple of minutes, and looked up how to create some wonderful food, there wouldn't be a problem.

    |   5
  • Beekeeper  |  May 29 2014, 3:12PM

    "Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich and medium fries for £1.99 with your Citizen" - 19th May.

    |   6
  • Beekeeper  |  May 29 2014, 2:56PM

    And of course The Citizen promotes junk food with continual special offers from Greggs and features on the Coca Cola lorry etc.

    |   3
  • gowpen66  |  May 29 2014, 1:40PM

    Yes Douglasknows you are right. Unfortunately the children often don't have any say it what they are given to eat. The overweight mums, pushing them in pushchairs giving them sausage rolls etc from a well known bakers instead of something healthy, is a common sight in Gloucester.

    |   4
  • Douglasknows  |  May 29 2014, 11:33AM

    Unfortunately I have no reason to dispute this, Just walking around town proves it. There is hope on the horizon though, the younger generation (in the main) see their parents and don't want to be like them.

    |   6