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Bob Newby column: The Four Gates? The Fork Handles more like

By The Citizen  |  Posted: April 12, 2014

Is 2018 too long to wait for the King's Quarter development?

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Bob Newby, 65, moved to Gloucester 35 years ago after a career in the music business. The one-time bar owner, now of the Forest of Dean, is outspoken and proud of it.

A bunch of Gripes. Get it? A Bunch of Grapes wordplay? Oh, never mind then…

Four Gates? Surely the council can find a better way to throw money away. Fork Handles would have more impact. Why bother?

2018 for the redevelopment of King’s Square? You are joking – we’ll all have forgotten where the square is by then!

2028 for the Air Balloon bottleneck solution? That’s 14 years! Dear God, the 36-mile Manchester Ship Canal was dug by hand in seven years! Just import a few Irish navvies; they’ll spit into their hands and have the job done in a weekend.

Moving Eastgate Market? If the idea looks like a dead donkey, smells like a dead donkey and doesn’t bray, it’s a dead donkey. So stop kicking it and tell TK-Maxx to look somewhere else.

Bus troublemakers? Give ‘em a free trip. Take them to Dartmoor, drop them off and forget to pick them up again.

Selling the city? What I want to know is whether the number of firms “queuing up” to come to the city equals the number of shops closing their doors?

City parking charges? Give up moaning about it, the council will never see common sense in this issue. Don’t confuse them with logic when their minds are already made up.

City planners? I guess they are the men in grey suits with degrees who pedestrianized the City Centre and then licenced Pork Roll vans and market stalls to clutter the place up again. I wonder if they are the same intelligentsia who approved a building with 100-plus apartments for the elderly and one lift?

Bin rummagers? What’s all the fuss about? They are recycling, not dumping and the bin owners can get more rubbish in the bins afterwards. Sounds like a win/win to me.

River dredging? At last the Environment Agency has conceded they were wrong to stop it. So come on, when is dredging the Severn going to start again then? Oh, and some compensation for the misery and costs caused to thousands of local households by their negligence wouldn’t go amiss either!

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  • jas37  |  April 12 2014, 11:26PM

    Does Bob Newby live in a bubble, shielded from the real facts? This would perhaps explain why he's so out of touch with reality. Total nonsense is an understatement.

    |   4
  • Studley1975  |  April 12 2014, 2:08PM

    Better To Get Rid Of All The Cannabis Smoking Kids Outside Of Debenhams & Ban Skateboarding!!!

    |   7
  • Villager1950  |  April 12 2014, 1:00PM

    I nominate him for Editor!

    |   1
  • Apothegm_  |  April 12 2014, 11:05AM

    This chap seems to be trying to emulate Richard Graham MP, who can solve all known problems without any actual effort on his part. Mr Newby can pick any subject, and express a mindless prejudice about it. Thank heaven he isn't a politician.

    |   7
  • Beegeeuk  |  April 12 2014, 10:40AM

    Anybody would be better than Paul James! But even he comes second to Pam Tracey for getting their mug in The Citizen!!!

    |   2
  • Lecorche  |  April 12 2014, 10:16AM

    Whaddya reckon,folks? Have we discovered Paul James's replacement? I'd vote for Bob.

    |   1