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Bin raiders wreak havoc for Gloucester charity shop

By citizenmike  |  Posted: March 28, 2014

Bin raider in action

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BIN raiders have wreaked havoc for a charity shop for seven years.

Earlier this week, the Citizen revealed the habits of a group of rummagers who rifle through bins behind The Oxebode to hunt for items such as electrical goods and clothing.

Many people have welcomed the activities, arguing that it is a form of recycling unwanted items.

But one charity shop worker, who did not want to be named, said: “This has been going on for the six or seven years that I have been here.

“It can be an absolute nightmare for us because they topple over the bins and it takes three of us to lift them back up.

“We are always having to clear up after them too because they leave such an awful mess.

“I put locks on our bins before but they were no sooner put in that they were ripped off so you just can’t stop them coming here.”

Police warned that the activity can constitute theft of private property, which carries a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment, but they did not take any further action last year when a charity shop worker reported the problem to them.

The worker added that they did not have a problem with people going through the bins, but rather with the mess that is left behind.

The rummagers have been welcomed by many who read the Citizen’s coverage on Monday.

Reader Robbie Edwards said: “One man’s junk is another’s gold. We throw away too much in our society.”

Lauradana Day said: “Why lock a bin? It’s rubbish that’s only going to the tip. Surely the less we throw the better?

“Let them take what they need. I’ve seen multiple people take things from the tip. I don’t see the point in wasting resources. If they aren’t causing any trouble then let them get on with it.”

But Eloise Fenner said: “I’m sorry but there is no need to rummage through the bins – it’s disgusting. Police should knuckle down on this asap.”

There is a movement of people who follow ‘freeganism’, where they take unwanted items from bins in a protest against vast consumer waste. The movement has attracted the attention of some people in Gloucestershire in recent years.

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