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BBC Six Nations trailer binned for being too anti-English

By The Citizen  |  Posted: February 26, 2014

Irish rugby fans appearing the video

Comments (14) A trailer for the BBC’s coverage of the Six Nations tournament was binned for being too anti-English.The video has now surfaced on social networks and is being shared widely.It begins showing Welsh, Scottish, Irish and Italian fans shouting out the word England.The twist is that the fans are shouting about the team they most want to lose.

6 NATIONS - UNSEEN from Chris Balmond on Vimeo.

It concludes with a group of English fans who appear unable to agree on which team they would like to lose.Fearing the film was ‘unbalanced’ the BBC re-edited it to make it less so.A BBC spokeswoman is reported as saying: "The creative concept for the Six Nations trail was around fans being united in rivalry."We featured real fans from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in the trail all talking about who they wanted to beat."The non- English fans interviewed for the trail all wanted to beat England which made the first cut of the trail slightly unbalanced."We therefore changed the balance of the fans in the next edit to make the trail more representative."

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  • StanOfGlaws33  |  March 21 2014, 7:21PM

    What a total loser the Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn hating multi-ID troll Walker100e aka Walker100d. I wonder how much it costs to rent a quote from him. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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  • TuffleyRaid16  |  March 19 2014, 7:02PM

    Laugh at the clueless multi-ID troll, Walker100e/d/c/b/a, pretending he knows anything about rugby union. He doesn't even know where Kingsholm is and has certainly never been in the Shed.

    |   9
  • TuffleyRaid16  |  March 18 2014, 6:59PM

    Regarding the Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn hating multi-ID troll Walker100e aka Walker100d aka glawsteruk1 aka glawsteruk2 aka NOTArugbylover aka gloslover-NOT aka dopey_lerone: a) Is he a multi-user troll...? YES! b) Does he hate Mr Harden...? YES! c) Does he have any idea about rugby...? NO! d) Is he a Gloucester fan...? NO! e) Has he actually ever attended a match at Kingsholm....? OF COURSE NOT!

    |   9
  • RoryGlaws45  |  March 15 2014, 8:48AM

    Harden has had a storming season. It is no wonder he is selected to start the most games of all the front row forwards. And not just any old games. It is the key games where you need your best players.

    |   9
  • seanbulling67  |  March 13 2014, 7:33PM

    Harden has been an absolute star this season. He deserves an early contract renewal for the great effort he has put in this season.

    |   9
  • Straw99  |  March 12 2014, 9:48PM

    Harden = Top Man = Top tighthead.

    |   9
  • kenfarnwood44  |  March 07 2014, 9:21PM

    Harden = Gloucester Rugby's first choice tight head. No doubt about it!

    |   9
  • dougiebailey4  |  March 06 2014, 6:38PM

    I love the way, week after week, that Rupҽrt Hardҽn plants a great big dollop of egg on the face of the multi-ID troll Walker100e previously known as the BANNED Walker100d/saddy-boy/laurie-dryver/NOTArugbylover/gloslover-not/dumbanddumber20/dopey-lerone/bikeshed etc. (whichever one he thinks he is today). The troll wouldn't know a decent tight-head if he was slapped around the head by one, though he would enjoy the experience immensely.

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  • Roon37  |  March 05 2014, 9:32PM

    A troll is a troll and THE BANNED Walker100e aka Walker100d, who also posts his dull nonsense under the identities of Django-d/gloslover-not/dumbanddumber20/dopey-lerone, is a clueless Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn hating troll who has no idea where Kingsholm is because he doesn't even support Gloucester Rugby, He has no idea about rugby union either as he loves watching wendyball.

    |   9
  • fuddlebagley3  |  February 27 2014, 7:02PM

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Laugh at the useless Gloucester Rugby and Rupҽrt Hardҽn hating "Walker100e" previously known as the BANNED Walker100d aka NOTArugbylover aka shedheadNOTAGLOUCESTERSUPPORTER aka shedheadNEVER aka gloslover-not or DumbAndDumber20 or dopey_lerone if he prefers. He is soooo upset that he has been found out with his latest identity. He knows absolutely nothing about rugby union, sat in his sad home for sad lonely old men.

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