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Anger over “puppy farm” as animal rescuers say abandoned dogs at breaking point

By citizengibbon  |  Posted: February 27, 2013

Helen Szuluk

Helen Szuluk

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NUMBERS of dumped dogs are reaching crisis point in the Forest and canine rescuers are in despair.

It comes as a petition has been launched, attracting more than 700 signatures already, to refuse planning permission for a puppy breeding centre in Blakeney.

The centre, at Hagloe Farm, has been based in the village for 10 years, but has been told it has been operating without the required building consent.

Almost 90 breeding dogs, including bichon frise, King Charles spaniels, chihuahuas, French bull dogs, miniature schnauzers and pomeranians are housed there – producing 40 litters of an average four puppies each, every year.

The business is fully licensed and there is no suggestion of any wrongdoing there. However, dog rehomers in the district fear it is symptomatic of the problems they face.


Helen Szuluk, of Forest of Dean Dog Rescue, said: “I’ve got 60 dogs on my books at the moment, dogs that we need to find new homes for.

“Establishments like this one are just too big – they’ve got nearly 90 breeding dogs there and that’s huge.

“People buy these puppies, breed from them until they have served their purpose then they are done with them and they wind up with us.

“We are seeing more and more ex-breeding dogs in this situation – there’s no way of saying where they have come from, but we really are struggling with the rescue and rehoming side of things.

“It’s not just the Forest of Dean, it’s everywhere, all over the country you will find this problem and more and more often it’s pedigree dogs, not cross-breeds.”

The petition calls the centre a puppy farm and urges the district council to refuse retrospective planning permission.

It was started by Kathy Clements from Llandysul and can be seen at www.change.org.uk.

Hagloe Farm’s breeding enterprise supports three full-time workers but it transpired recently that the conversion of a barn and small timber building in 2003 needs consent from Forest of Dean District Council.

Margaret Davies, who runs the farm with her husband, said she was aware of opposition to the business but added: “All our puppies are well looked after. We’ve been here 10 years without any problems. The council has advised us to apply for planning permission.”

A spokesman for the council said Mr and Mrs Davies have always been co-operative with Environmental Health inspectors and added that officers from the planning team visited recently to advise the owners that planning consent is needed.

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  • Studley1975  |  March 13 2013, 10:36AM

    Contact Local MP Re This Matter: mark.harper.mp@parliament.uk

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  • Sunnnny  |  March 13 2013, 2:38AM

    I just tried to up vote my comment more than once and got the following message: "Sorry, you have rated this comment already"....... So.......

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  • Sunnnny  |  March 13 2013, 2:32AM

    My my...........someone is a little paranoid.........perhaps there are more animal lovers out there than you think?! Just because the red/greens don't match your opinions does not mean there's a scam going on! I know this article has been shared with a few animal rights/welfare groups (especially over the weekend), perhaps people are visiting from those sites? You only get one up/down vote anyway so how on Earth can someone be changing them all?!

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  • LoobiLoo  |  March 12 2013, 12:56PM

    My, my ..... someone has been a busy little bee ..... changing all the green ratings to red and vice versa - how very underhand!!!

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  • Studley1975  |  March 11 2013, 2:58PM

    Is This Really A Puppy Farm Or Professional Breeders? How Does One Find Out?

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  • HenryW  |  March 07 2013, 12:12AM

    Well said Ruff, lets judge the modern world by what the Queen did 60 years ago. Grab your gear, lets go hunt some tigers. And I'd guess, but can't be bothered to check, she got planning permission before building a kennels. But let's not let facts get in the way of a vain attempt to deflect from the topic at hand, a puppy farm in Awre.

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  • Ruff_Stuff_1  |  March 06 2013, 11:48PM

    For her eighteenth birthday, The Queen was given a corgi named Susan from whom numerous successive dogs were bred. Some corgis were mated with dachshunds (most notably Pipkin, who belonged to Princess Margaret) to create 'dorgis'. Ummmmmm ! WOW without the queen there wouldn't be 'dorgis' - go queeny go!

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  • HenryW  |  March 06 2013, 4:32PM

    Easy answer then... Get the Dogs Trust or RSPCA to come in, and say its a loving caring environment, and I'm sure the whole thing will go away. In fact, make it an open invitation to pop in whenever they like? That should solve all the problems. I'm sure this is glos would be happy to cover it. Unless of course, there is something to hide?

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  • Terrythedog  |  March 06 2013, 12:25PM

    ..and just to clarify there is no profiteering of money by me (as I know it was a problem raised earlier in the thread,) 100% of what we raise is split between Chelt Animal Shelter (as our local rescue) and a registered charity in Wales that have a desperate problem with Puppy Farms.

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  • Terrythedog  |  March 06 2013, 12:15PM

    But the council have confirmed the size of the concrete pens - they are tiny. I dont care how many people are employed to to look after them/clean them out etc they still live day in & day out in such small space. I have already admitted to not having seeing Mrs Davies establishments and you are right I am going on past experience of what I have seen with similar set ups in purpose built buildings etc. And getting my facts right or not,my point still stands I dont believe these dogs get to live and act as dogs, like yours and mine do though. They are repeatedly bred from and live in a tiny confined space (confirmed) for the majority of the day. How fair is that? Nobody will ever change my mind it's right. I am still keen to know what happens to Mrs Davies ex-breeders? I presume as they are cared for so well,they are able to live out the rest of their days with her? After all they have made an awful lot of money for them, so seems only fair to be treated well in their 'retirement' to repay the favour? For your info I also do alot of work in my own free time doing just what you suggest. I am not just being a keyboard warrior here I along with a friend have set up a group that raises money to help fight against the truly vile puppy farms and take in the poor souls that are emotionally and physically damaged.

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