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Gloucestershire teenager aims for the stars with boy band The Wanted

By This is Gloucestershire  |  Posted: July 19, 2010

Wanted: Nathan Sykes

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A BOY from Abbeydale is heading for stardom with his band The Wanted.

Nathan Sykes, 17, first got up on stage and sang when he was six years old.

Now, 11 years later, he is wowing crowds at The O2 and at Wembley Stadium in front of 72,000 people.

"That was absolutely wild," said Nathan.

"The night before we were in Brighton singing in front of 70 kids. Then we sang in front of 72,000."

The Citizen has followed his career, from winning the title on the Britney Spears's Karaoke Kriminals in 2003, and on ITV's Ministry of Mayhem in 2004, to more local success in The Cheltenham Competitive Festival of Dramatic Art in 2003 and Live and Unsigned in Bristol in 2008.

He went to Longlevens Junior School, then turned down a place at The Crypt for a scholarship at Sylvia Young Theatre School in London before returning to Ribston Hall High School for the sixth form. But just weeks into starting at Ribston, he learned he was one of five boys to make up band The Wanted.

Initially sworn to secrecy, he told nobody at the school until a talent contest.

He said: "I thought it was for charity, so I said I'd do it. I was saying for weeks that I was going to do it, but they thought I was joking. Then I got up on stage and they were all shocked that I could sing."

Nathan won't return to Ribston in September, as he will be on tour. But the school has said he can return any time to finish his studies.

The band will release its first single All Time Low later this month.

Nathan said: "It's really nerve-wracking.

"You hear all these statistics about people listening on YouTube, and joining our Facebook group, but that doesn't mean they're going to buy the single."

Dubbed "The Cute One" by his band members, Nathan said he was settling into his new home in London with his band mates.

"We fit together like a bit of a puzzle," he said.

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  • TheTruth__  |  August 15 2011, 6:53PM

    Just another 'Mediocre boyband' Sorry what? Just incase you have never heard of The Wanted, they are britains number one boyband, so I think you may be wrong. And just to clarify, Nathan has an amazing voice, one that gives you goose bumps. He has one several competitions throughout his life, yet people of his own town still run him down. If I were you, I would be proud of Nathan. Not only because of his amazing talent, but for being dedicated and sticking to his dreams and achieving everything he deserves in life. You all complain when there are chavs sitting around the streets, harming people and depending on drink, then a decent boy like nathan who has never harmed anyone in his life, and inspires many people comes along and you complain some more. When will you be happy? Leave Nathan alone, and let him continue to live his dream without people like you putting him down.

    |   6
  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Talon, Gloucester  |  July 28 2010, 11:21AM

    Well said BigRob, Frankly I am disapointed. Local lad does really well and the majority of the comments put on here slate the young lad for having talent."Research boys"... He has been singing since the age of 6. He has stuck at his hobby for 11 years and worked really hard building up a reputation as a talented performer to achieve his dream. For his hard work, he was awarded a full scholarship worth £50k at the Sylvia Young School of performing arts in London and has represented Britain in international singing competitions on more than one occasion. He has performed 100s of times for charities across the UK and locally. You just do not see this dedication in today's youth generally. He is polite, charming hasn't done a thing wrong in his life, yet you demean his achievements. He has a voice that will make your hair stand up at the back of your neck when singing solo. Just because you are single minded enough to like a different type of music it doesn't mean you can slate someone because they are different. Tell me of another Gloucester lad who has sung in front of 72,000 people "before the single is released"..This band is different, popular and will do very well.. Oh and Paul.. The Door project is a charity in stroud.The competition is to raise funds for the charity.. Nathan has performed for the charity on more than one occasion.. "you (or the one you supported) didn't win" get over it !!!!

    |   4
  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Horace the Labdoor, in the library with the candlestick  |  July 20 2010, 9:12PM

    I hate mediocre boy bands. Actually, "mediocre boy bands" is a tautology.

    |   -5
  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    wyn morgan, .  |  July 20 2010, 6:53PM

    I've just as much right to express an opinion on here as you have. So don't tell me to keep quiet. I think they are mediocre and you are not going to stop me thinking or writing that. Welcome to democracy!

    |   -3
  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Sarah, Gloucester.  |  July 20 2010, 6:04PM

    If you don't like the music, just keep it quiet. We're not interested in your opinion, least if its negative. Just because you don't like it, it doesn't mean the boys aren't good. I saw them perform on thursday and they were brilliant. Nathan came back to Ribston and received a ton of support from his peers, its a shame the local community can't do the same.

    |   4
  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    wyn morgan, .  |  July 20 2010, 2:13PM

    I have followed the advice not to criticise until I've heard him; so following Ronan's suggestion and had a look at You Tube. Guess what I found. Another manufactured mediocre boy band. YAAAWWWWWNNNN!!!!!

    |   -3
  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    BigRob, in your head  |  July 19 2010, 5:07PM

    Ha, BigGobRob, i like that one, very original, must have taken you ages.

    |   2
  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    Claire, Gloucester  |  July 19 2010, 5:05PM

    When we heard Nathan in our talent show he was amazing we had a great afternoon when he returned to Ribston this week with the WANTED. They really are Amazing so don't say they are rubbish until you listen to them. We met them after the show and they are all really nice people

    |   3
  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    BigRob, in your head  |  July 19 2010, 5:05PM

    Nick, i to bought the Rage track at christmas, i own every album they ever made and have been to see them 6 times. Please dont say iam "keen" on the "mediocre" when all iam saying is the boy has alot of talent that can flourish into bigger and better things. Serj Tankian was a clasically trained vocalist but went on to become the lead singer of (in my opinion) one of the best and unique bands to date, System of a Down. Who knows where this lads voice may take him, give him a chance.

    |   2
  • Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
    ronan, Gloucester  |  July 19 2010, 5:03PM

    Well BigGobRob, since you don't know me, you have no idea what I know about this "band" or any of its members. Now before you open your fat yap, let me ask you a simple question; have you ever heard of You Tube? Guess what you can find on there if you search The Wanted.... Another mediocre "boy band".

    |   -1