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'£10 to £30 for drugs in Gloucestershire - used by 14-year-olds'

By The Citizen  |  Posted: December 27, 2013

'£10 to £30 for drugs in Gloucestershire - used by 14-year-olds'


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A FORMER drug user in Gloucestershire says “£10 to £30” is enough cash to afford a “decent amount” of any drug here in the county, all of which are being used by kids as young as 14.

The former addict, who has asked to remain anonymous, said with enough planning any drug can be sourced here.

He also claims kids as young as 14 are using Class A drugs in this area and he knows of children getting into trouble at school for taking ketamine and MCat.

“More or less all drugs are about,” he said. “Weed, speed, LSD, coke, ketamine, crack, MCat and heroin are all available in Gloucestershire.

“Prices vary but usually £10 to £30 will be enough money to get a decent amount of most in that list.

“Weed is £10 a gram, speed is dirt cheap. Ketamine is £10 to £20 a gram depending who has got it. Coke is £40 typically. Crack is very expensive, MDMA is £40, LSD is just £5 a hit. MCat is £10 a gram or slightly less, heroin is £10 a hit which is about 0.1g.

“You can get all that round here, some take planning but others are abundant.

“Boys are using those drugs as young as 14, girls usually start a bit later, say at 15. Most kids who have done drugs have used weed and ketamine and MCat. I know this because kids have been in trouble at school for it.

“The harder stuff usually is dependant on whether others in their social group are using so invariably if it’s there it doesn't seem like a bad idea at the time.Curiosity plays big part.”

He goes on to say that help is out there for addicts, but efforts to help them will often be futile due to users being in denial.

He added: “There is counselling available, for example, Turning Point and GDAS (if they are still running). It’s hard to say what exactly can be done to help people with addiction locally because if you told an addict that they needed to seek help they would straight out deny it.

“Raising awareness in the form of things like group therapy sessions and people handing out information flyers and advice on the street probably wouldn't be taken seriously by addicts.”

Andy Symons, area operations manager for Turning Point in Gloucestershire, said: “Our priority is making sure that the right support is available for people when they need it. Because of this the services we provide need to be flexible and able to deliver innovative support to address the complex needs of the local population across both rural and urban areas.

“Turning Point Roads to Recovery is an integrated community drug and alcohol recovery service. We have Treatment Hubs in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cinderford, Tewkesbury, Cirencester and Moreton-in-Marsh working to ensure that support is provided for those who need it most, wherever they may be.

“We know that effective treatment for drug and alcohol both changes and saves lives. We would urge anyone who feels that they have a problem, or their friends or family, to get in touch with us on 0300 123 1512.”

Police admit they harbour concerns about certain drugs in Gloucester, and the battle to rid the city of illegal substances is ongoing.

A spokesman said: “We frequently gather and monitor intelligence on drugs and can reassure people that when receive information we would act on it swiftly.

“Both cocaine and mephedrone (MCat) remain serious concerns for us in the Gloucester area and we are tackling the supply of these drugs on several fronts.

“The crime operations team are carrying out warrants every week, often based on community information, to tackle the supply of drugs like cannabis and mephedrone while further up the supply chain our serious and organised crime unit are targeting the people bringing class A drugs into the county, as well as the people supplying them.

“In the past four years the serious and organised crime unit has helped convict over 100 people in the county for class A drugs and other serious offences.

“The bottom line remains that if you are supplying illegal substances in this county we will target you and see you brought to justice.”

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